Unlock Epic Adventure in “Raid: Shadow Legends”

Unlock Epic Adventure in “Raid: Shadow Legends”



Raid: Shadow Legends is a turn-based, fantasy-themed mobile role-playing game developed by Plarium. Players enter an engaging storyline filled with heroic quests and epic battles in the magical world of Teleria. Players must fight their way through challenging PvE and PvP battles to unlock powerful characters, gain epic rewards, and strategize unique strategies. Join hundreds of players on a journey to discover an epic adventure, unlock powerful Champions, and seize ultimate control of the world of Teleria.

Discover a New Epic Adventure: Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends invites you to discover an epic adventure in the world of Teleria. Dive into an action-packed story-driven campaign, filled with intense battles and heroic quests. Explore the vast and immersive fantasy world, filled with magic and monsters. Challenge powerful enemies in the PvE battles, and claim rewards to progress further into the game. Unlock ancient artifacts and discover new equipment for your Champions.

Experience an Epic World of PvE and PvP Challenges

Test your tactical and strategic skills in challenging PvE and PvP missions. Engage in real-time player against player battles, featuring engaging turn-based combat. Duel against other players to climb the ranks and dominate the leaderboards. Take on epic bosses, explore legendary dungeons, and get ready to face the ultimate challenge – the Shadow Tower. Conquer the digital battlefields in exciting quests and missions.

Unlock Powerful Characters to Conquer Your Enemies

Raid Shadow Legends offers a diverse roster of Powerful Champions. Choose from 16 different races and almost 300 different Champions – each with their own unique skills and special abilities. Collect and upgrade them, and combine them to create powerful teams. Unlock special artwork and discover unique skills to destroy your enemies. Strategize, customize, and upgrade your team to take on the toughest battles.

Gain Epic Rewards and Unlock Unique Strategies with Raid: Shadow Legends

As players take on various PvE and PvP challenges, they can gain spectacular rewards. Earn XP, XP boosts, shards, and shards boosts, to unlock powerful skills and upgrade existing abilities. Collect powerful artifacts and unique outfit pieces to further customize your Champions. Strategize, experiment, and play your way to victory.


Raid: Shadow Legends invites players on an epic adventure through an endlessly captivating world of Teleria. Experience turn-based strategic battles, and join hundreds of other players in an epic quest. Unlock powerful characters and gain spectacular rewards as you progress through the game. Immerse yourself in an exciting new experience and unlock the secrets of the mystical world of Teleria.